Thursday, August 12, 2010

We can go to Spain where the rain falls mainly on the plains.

I feel like I have been extremely AWOL on this blog lately. Here are about 1,000 pictures to make up for it.

This one time Beth stole my camera at FHE and took a bunch of pictures. FHE has been fun this semester because our ward was small and Mike and I always ended up planning cool enough things that the whole ward ended up coming anyway. It made for some interesting Mondays, that's for sure.

I love Beth. She's moving out on Monday and I will get four new roommates who all know each other. And a bigger private room!

Mike, my FHE partner, explaining how to make a paper boat to float down the river. He's amazing and gives good advice.

Amy and I go on dates twice a week. Shh, don't tell Stephen or Matt.

Boating at Deer Creek Reservoir.

Sometimes I get so bored at work that I give myself a photoshoot. Yeah, you heard that right. 

I went to the temple with my ward. I love the view!

The Goonies at the State Capitol! So epic!

Kelsey Anne warms my soul.

Amy and Schteefe.


Don't ask.

We got bored and started taking pictures inside.


Then Kelsey joined in the fun.

Hahaha. Mimicking pictures.

We went camping at Payson Lake!

I went home and got up with charlie at 7 like old times. Excuse the bed-everything and my awful face.


Bah! I love him so much.

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