Friday, March 12, 2010

Sacred Place

We are talking about spirituality in one of my studio classes right now. My teacher asked us to bring in pictures of a sacred place to us. I didn't want to say the usual answers (church, the temple), because those are implied. For me, the next highest on the list is places I've never been before. I crave new places. I enjoy being unsettled and the feeling of discovery I get when I go somewhere new. I even enjoy the frustration and homesick feeling I get from new places, because I know that the exposure to how other people view normal life is worth it. Here are a few pictures I took in Italy that remind me of the joy I found in living in a new country, missing loved ones, and discovering a new place for the first time.

I sent letters to people back home, wishing they were all there with me. When I left, I knew that in a few months, Matt and my roles would be reversed, and he would be the one leaving. It's comforting to know how leaving feels, and to learn how staying behind felt, too.

The sunset at Ponte Vecchio.

A church in...Sienna?

I love the old architecture there.

An island off of Venice. I got to go there twice!

Is it weird that I think graffiti is spiritual? Something about the raw, anonymous human experience expressed for everyone to see. It's kind of like PostSecret.

The view from our apartment in Florence.

Our last night in Florence.

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Che' said...

I love this post! I really like the last picture. Beautiful! Where was Matt called on his mission?

Kellies said...

Cebu, Philippines man. I was hoping he would go to Italy so he could 1) write me love notes in Italian and 2) I would know what the place he went to looked like. But alas, God has bigger plans...

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