Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Growing Separately

One day we decided to drive to Jacob Lake. It was pretty close quarters in the car, but we didn't mind. Well maybe Megan did.

We ate at The Three Bears in Kanab and had awful service. This is Matt's distressed bird face.

It was raining/snowing the whole time, but we saw a rainbow on the way back...both ends!

Our cups became friends while waiting to be refilled at Three Bears. It smelled like raw pumpkin. Yuck.

Lady Boutique?

Matt let me take lots of pictures of him the day we said goodbye.

Packing his missionary suitcase (that he could for sure fit in).

On the way to drop him off...he was so exited to go to the MTC!

Don't mind my teary face.

Matt went into the MTC today while I went off to class all day. I didn't particularly want to see him go, so I didn't. Today was surprisingly much easier than I thought it would be. I am still melancholy, but not depressed. I have not cried today (although I cried a lot yesterday). Everyone has been amazing and thoughtful, asking me how I am doing. I am really sad, but this is about him. And as long as he is excited and ready to go, I'm excited for him. The wait to wait is finally over, and now it's all about time. I have never been so aware of time in my life. 

Isn't this picture cheesy? I saw it on my walk home. I love that the tree was divided by the telephone line.  It's a visual metaphor for my life right now. Two lives grow together and are separated by this obstacle, but hopefully they will come together later and create something beautiful.
So, so cheesy. But I'm in a cheesy mood.
Life changes can do that to you.

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Che' said...

Hey! I can't believe you guys went back up to Jacob Lake. Did you see any of those famous Rich's? :D As far as the dating, it's a mystery to me as much as the next person. There was a dry spell.. and now.. it has certainly disappeared.

I'm thrilled! I mean in truth there have been A HEAP of psychos, sociopaths, or straight up morons but.. you work with what you're given right?

PS, I can imagine that life with Matt gone will be tough, but you guys are a great couple and I know things will work out! Be happy and keep on moving babe! Much love to your face!

Kellies said...

Yeah it was a spur of the moment trip for sure. Only Solesi and Laura were there, and we saw Solesi. There was a TON of snow and only like two people on shift in the whole building. Also part of the hotel caved in! And the boy behind the grill was wearing sunday clothes. Weird. Thanks for the encouragement :)

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