Saturday, March 27, 2010


So I said I'd put the art I had in the Inspiration show up, so here it is.
This one is from my picture blog. I wrote about how I had to make a website about art and teaching, and started this blog because I couldn't ask my students to do something this big that I hadn't done before.
Long sentence. Long. Sentence.

Here's the other one!

I've been watching Charlie a lot and he's so fun.
He sits in his bumbo while I get ready in the morning.

I promised my roommate Beth that I would start coming to FHE.
We went to the Nickelcade.
I am absolutely addicted to this game.

Tim's hair is perfect for mohawking in class when we get bored.

Dan Barney let me use his sweet sewing machine to do my first sewing project ever.
I've had this material for over a year. It's about time I did something with it!
Thanks, Ikea.

And then we spent a whole week in class prepping boards to take to our Zion camping trip.
We did it old school. We cut MDF, put on rabbit skin glue, painted on gesso, sanded it, and put washes over that. 

Our old roommate and awesome friend, Cat, was in the BYU Luau and Amy and I went to see her. She did so great! Love you Cat!

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