Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Real Zion.

Every semester, our professor Dr. Graham takes his Art Ed Studio class on a camping trip to Zion National Park. Since a few of us had class on Thursday when everyone else left, we drove down early Friday morning.

We stopped in Beaver and saw this sweet car wash. EAGER BEAVER!!

Don't let this picture fool was snowing for the first three hours of our drive. We were scared it would be freezing in Zion!

Don't let this picture fool you, either. Even though it was sunny, it was still cold. And I was extremely unprepared.

We went to this sweet antique shop with lots of Native American things and this Madonna.

Kristen and LeeAnn.

Some sweet chilies outside the shop.

The front of the shop.

So maybe I took too many pictures. But I liked the atmosphere.


Really? I can't believe how many pictures I took.


We missed the hike to Angel's Landing, so the people I drove down with and I went on a walk to the opening of the fateful Narrows. We were in the sweet light.

And we saw a little baby pond because it had rained! 

So pretty.

Bottom of a waterfall.


Tim brought his wife Luce. They fit so well together.

Kaibab Squirrel!

The opening of The Narrows.

It started raining.

I don't know what I was doing.

Oh, hey Narrows!

Eating dinner. Dr. Graham and his wife planned an vegetarian menu and we had camp fire dinners and soup. Yum.

Dr. Graham building the fire.

The fire was so mesmerizing.

I didn't take pictures of this, but a bunch of the people in our group played songs for us on the guitar around the campfire. They were all really good! Davey even rapped and read some poems. How versatile he is. Because it was windy and rainy, no one painted like we planned on. Then Kristen and I slept in a tent with our friend, JoAnn. And we thought our heat would be enough, but it was so freezing last night that JoAnn and I could barely sleep! I tried to be cool and pack super light, but next time I am bringing everything but the kitchen sink! Even though the sleep sucked and we didn't paint, I had an awesome time with my friends. We got out of Provo, went on a nice walk, had some good food and a nice time around the campfire, and got no sleep!
I love my art friends.
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Che' said...

Your class sounds fantastic!

Kellies said...

It is! [Almost] all the art ed classes I've taken at BYU are as awesome as this one. I can't imagine getting through college without fun people and classes like this!

brittna said...

soooooo pretty

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