Saturday, June 27, 2009

Wedding Fever

In my mind there is almost nothing that brings people together more than a wedding. As the day is winding down, I can't help but reflect on the happenings of today and look forward to the future. My brother Brian got married to Melissa Stiles today. They are wonderful together and I am truly happy that they are happy. Not only did their wedding give me good ideas for my own, but it got me really excited for the day in the not so near future that I can experience the same joy. I think the whole concept of marriage is beautiful: two people devoting their lives to each other, the little nuances of love that make it worth it, and the strength that people gain from truly being loved and loving that person back. I have had such great examples of that in my life, through close family and friends that have shown me how to love and do it well. I am very blessed to have found love in my life, and I am happier than I have ever been. We may get flack for being an unconventional couple, but I take it because I know that nothing anyone says can change the way Matt and I feel for each other. Who knows what the future will hold... But all I know now is that I can't wait to make that commitment to the man I love. Two down, two to go. Get ready, cuz my wedding is gonna be a party!
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