Monday, June 29, 2009

This Is My Plea

Dear Wisteria and Jeannette,

Life is just not the same without you. I feel like part of me is missing, so can you hurry your butts up and get to Provo already? 

Who can I girl-cuddle with and joke about being lesbians for each other while knowing that we're 100%...ok maybe 99% straight?
Who can I play Rhino with rose thorns with on Sunday afternoons?
Who else would try to fit into my suitcase?
Who else would seduce the camera during poker night?
The answer is no one else but you and you!
This is me. Mourning you.

This is my official plea. Surriously, I miss you both a ton. There is a hole in my heart (dear Liza, dear Liza) waiting to be filled by your presence. If you don't return to me promptly and with a smile I shall be forced to drive respectively to Rexburg and Mesa and kidnap you...and it will not be pretty.

Love, Kellie
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wistie said...

you used the word respectively incorrectly. fyi.
and... i'm working on it.
i'd like to see you try. aka. do it.

Kristen said...

I whole-heartedly support the drive to Rexburg. Yeah-yeah! I'm waiting.

Kellies said...

Well why don't you tell me how to use it correctly then, miss saucy pants!

dear kristen,
that should happen! i want to see you!

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