Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Space Between

My life is constantly bombarded with babies. My sister is pregnant, and I live in Utah County...aka everywhere you turn, there's a BABY. All my friends know how much I love them. There's even a joke between us that I'm pregnant...and no, I am in no way, shape, or form pregnant. Seeing as I am not married, that would be impossible. Well, not impossible...but you get the picture. 

I was told that as I grew up, the desire to become a mother would begin to grow within me. I am definitely feeling that tug from heaving telling me that it's getting close. I just know that there are little spirits up there, waiting for me to be ready to be the best mother I can be for them. I know that they are meant to be in my family, and that we were made for each other. I don't think that's weird. God's greatest institution is the family, and I feel so blessed to have the desire and capacity to become a mother someday. I also believe that he puts certain people in certain families in such a way that they can have the best life possible. 

My mom is in town this week, helping Mo and Ken get ready for little baby girl, and to see me before I leave for Italy. I am so glad she's here. Now that I am older, on my own, and closer to the mother stage than the daughter stage, I recognize how much work and love goes into being a mother. She really has put everything into raising our family and I am so grateful for that.

It's fun to see Maureen in a new stage of her life. I have been around them a lot lately, and only hope to be more involved in their lives after the baby comes. I truly believe that she is ready for this and will be a great mom. 

The shift in generations is a funny stage. My grandparents are now becoming greats. My parents are becoming grands. My sister is becoming a mom, and I will soon be an aunt.

I believe that a baby's life starts at the moment of conception. But when is that pivotal moment that an adolescent becomes a woman or a man? In other words, I'm wondering...


The end.

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wistie said...

i think becoming an adult is a step-by-step process, not a moment in time where you instantly turn into one.
i get moments of epiphany where i realize another reason i'm an adult.
it's called growing up... sometimes it's fun.
and as my mother would say, you will never be out of the daughter stage.

Chelsea said...

Ditto! Gods plan is incredible! Woot for babies! They are the future.... :)

Naazju said...

Wise words from Wistie.

Another thought: I have never felt like a woman. I always refer to myself as a girl or, at most, a lady. I see this is a sign that I am not yet "grown up." :D

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