Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Ken and Mo are officially having a baby GIRL. I jumped up and down when I found out, and ended up buying even more baby clothes tonight when Matt and I went to WalMart (the first of three stores to try and find starburst skittles and sour straws...no luck on the latter at all. um, LAME. why do we have such weird and specific cravings?) 

Let's play a game and see how many times I can use the word "officially" in this post.

Also, my mom is officially in town as of tonight. Let the party begin! Shopping for outfits for Brian and Melissa's wedding starts (officially, of course) in 9 hours and I am (officially) pumped.

In other things official, Matt and my mom have Officially Met. Officially...and no one drowned or passed out, so that was a pretty good sign. Meeting over coldstone german chocolate ice cream always helps.

Officially also as well, tomorrow is (officially) the last day of classes for my junior year. Crazy how fast it's gone...a year an a half left and I will (officially) be let loose to impart my heretic notions and wild ways on minors. Woo!

AAAAANDDDD, five days after losing his job, Matt officially has a new and way better job, thanks to my friend Josh. Let the money start rolling in! Apparently if he makes $30,000 this summer, I get a present. So let's all be prayin for that $30,000 dollars!

This post is now officially over.

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