Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dear Self

Dear Self,

You're funny sometimes, you know that? Why would you stand in line for ten minutes at the post office for international stamps, only to be told by a know-it-all teller who looked at you like you were crazy that "you need to buy those in Italy, (you idiot!)" Why would you do that, you silly? You're smarter than that! Maybe all that blonde dye hasn't washed out of your hair from last summer. Yes...yes. Let's chock this up to a blonde moment, shall we? 

Also self, I applaud you for looking extra fine today in your newly-found sunglasses (courtesy of the newly-cleaned closet) and your rainbows. Touche. Way to be a fox. that car. Gross. Did you throw up on it while doing donuts in an empty parking lot? I talked to your car and it says thank you thank you thank you for taking it to get detailed. You are once again a good car mom, and therefore a good person.

Dear Eyes,
Good job for not getting any more eye infections. That was very nice of you. Please send my regards to your optometrist who gave you extra awesome tools to be healthy. Way to go.

Dear Fridge,
Can you clean yourself please? I have better things to do.

Dear Roommates,
A month? Seriously? How come we still don't have toilet paper?

Dear Self,
Good job for buying your own secret stash of toilet paper. Also good job on being a prick.

Dear Feet,
Not to worry, you will get your pedicure soon.

Dear Bed,
Thank you for being extra comfy last night after an all-nighter the night before. 'Preciate that.

Dear Keys,
Stop getting lost.

Dear School,
Suck it.

Dear Matt,
Love you.

Dear Italy,
Get ready for me to tear you UP!

Dear Body,
Stop getting fat.

Dear Life,
Thank you for being good to me.


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Naazju said...

Loved all of it. :D And may your day be wonderful!

Chelsea said...

Um. This was basically amazing.

Kristen said...

Dear Kellie (and Self),
Good job buying that awesome Gym Class Heroes t-shirt. You're going to have so much fun in Europe! I think we leave on the same day...
Love Kristen

Stephen said...

Dear Kellie STOP Two Words STOP I loved it STOP Love, Stephen STOP

Kellies said...

Dear Kristen,

Where are you going again and for whys? My new biggest goal is to see you in Europe now!

Dear Stephen STOP that was three STOP but i love you anyway STOP

Love, Kellie

Matthew said...

kellie my love, your blog is awesome. write lots when your in italy and have funsies!

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