Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Crotchety Young Woman

Alright, so here's the sitch. Last night I stupidly drank two cups of Coke at 8pm, and ended up facing the consequences of the caffeine buzz until 6am this morning. Everyone knows I'm a night person, but seriously? Oh well, the later I stay up, the more things I usually get done. I organized my whole room: moved to the other bed in the nook with the window, moved closets, threw out some clothes and shoes, and started packing for Italy. After that, I just ended up watching a lot of tv. This slingbox is addicting! Matt saw my FB post about how I couldn't sleep, and didn't wake me up at 930 like he was going to. Thank heaven! He let me sleep in, and we went to the lake later that afternoon. While the boys went fishing in the canoe, I got some much needed sun on top of the van. I had a sweet setup up there. I got some studying done, a quick nap, and looked over my sketchbook final. After three hours, the boys finally came back and I went and took my last final of the semester.

How is it possible that I study for hours for tests and do so badly? I did so well in high school, and am getting Cs on most of my tests. I honestly think I have senioritis year-round. I guess it's a good sign that I am getting good grades in my major classes. Maybe it's because BYU has unrealistic expectations for the religion classes.

DISCLAIMER: This is the point where I rant and rave about BYU's religion classes. If you think you'll have a problem, skip the rest of this post. 

 I understand that they have to keep up a good reputation and not make them too easy...but the faculty should realize that they have a different level of commitment that most people don't have: yes, we have testimonies. We enjoy our religion and like learning new things about it. But we do not have MASTERS DEGREES in religion like they do. I have gone into every religion class with a remedial amount of knowledge. Instead of starting from the ground up, teachers expect us to be on level two because they assume we have grown up learning these concepts. For some people, maybe that's true. But I didn't STUDY the Bible and the Book of Mormon as thoroughly as I should have (guilty). Should I be punished for that in an introductory course? I don't think so. And what about converts who are assumingly behind, at least in the Book of Mormon. My opinion is that teachers should cover the basics...for everyone. That way everyone starts off on the same page. I'm always about 100 behind...


Well, no matter what happened, the important thing is that I am officially done with my Junior year of college. What the WHAT? To celebrate, I finally got that J-Dawg's I've been craving, and went swimming with the CTC (minus Miah) at BYU. I may have been a bit too aggressive playing water basketball. Matt may wake up with some scratches tomorrow...sorry lover. 

Five days until Italy! (Six if you count the extra-long flight).
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