Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jump On It

I know February is love month, but did someone decide to make March National Engagement Month without telling me? Seriously...everyone I know is either engaged or on the brink of it. I'm so happy for them (truly, madly deeply happy for them), but dang...hook a girl up!!

Another thought: I wonder if people who used to date songwriters ever realize that they were the cause of heartbreak, and therefore a catalyst for a hit song? That would be so awkward, to hear that song on the radio all the time and KNOW that that song was about you, and it wasn't for a good reason. But, on the other hand...if you were the subject of an amazing song that was either romantic or just plain awesome, how great would that be? Just a thought.

Also, I have a strong desire to "like" statuses that will get me in trouble if I do. AKA the status is not politcally like-worthy. Like when peopel say "I'm pathetic...no, really" in their status, they're just asking for it to be liked. Alls I'm sayin...
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Stephen said...

Hahahaha!!!!! I read that particular status and just knew you were dying to click like next to it!
Also, you know me and I'm not engaged.Pretty sure Wistie isn't either. And Jeannette. I could go on.

Anonymous said...

one of my life goals is to inspire a song that everyone knows and sings to. And then when i see them singing along to it in the car, it will be like the whole world is singing to me.
i'm going to go count how many people i know that are getting married this year... maybe not a good idea, it may just remind me even more of the fact that i am single with no immediate prospects.

Jeannette said...

Dear Kellie,

Marry me.


Kellies said...

dear stephen,
you know me too well. also as well you are right. our group is cursed.

dear wistie,
that would be awesome. i will write a song about you and spread it like BUTTA.

dear jeannette,

love, kellie

Allie said...

Thank you for being happy for me :)

Your time... it will come.

Just marry Jeannette.

missbritt said...

kellie - i'm seriously so sad that you moved out of the ward. we could have been such best friends. i guess we'll be internet friends.
this blog is so true. GJ (Good Job)

Kellies said...

I truly am exteremely happy for you. And if Jeannette and I got married, it would be constant searching for who was the man in the relationship. Maybe if we're both 30 and still single...

I would love to be internet best friends with you. I'm sad I'm not in a ward with you, either, but I am so much happier where I am now. I'm glad you like the ward though.


Jeannette said...


It wouldn't be too hard to compromise. We'd take turns.

Seriously. Think about it.


Kellies said...

Dear Jeannette,



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