Monday, March 23, 2009

It even has a nickname.


-When I get sick of my music I search random photography websites and they usually have really chill, romantic music playing. Iz the best.

-My friends and I are addicted to Facebook Scrabble (Scrabbs). Yesterday three of us sat in my living room, each with our own computer, and played each other for hours. You wouldn't understand...

-I think God invented the strawberry/chocolate combination to give me a glimpse of heaven.

-I can't wait until Mo and Ken find out the sex of their baby so I can finally start BUYING!

-I really miss Ken's BYU parking pass. It hasn't even been gone 24 hours. What has this taught me? I'm lazy and emotionally attached to inanimate objects. 

-I like blogging way too much for my own good.
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1 comment:

Naazju said...

Loved everything on your list. Especially the wanting to know if it's a boy or a girl. :D

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