Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Today has been all about art and religion. Mostly art. After learning new transfer techniques in my art class, I got so fired up that I drove straight to Robert's when I got home from school at five. I spent an hour and a half there and only left because I'm poor. Wistie came over and helped me decoupage animal-print and various colored tissue paper on the inside of candle holders I bought. They look great, and they kept the pyros in the both of us busy for longer than they should have. And now I'm surfing and have found a cool artist's blog, so I am sharing it with you. I think I'm going to teach how to make the bowls on her book cover for my teaching assignment in my class. Check Patricia Zapato out!

P.S. My friend's blog has a list of to-do's for this year. One is to take at least one picture every day. I'm going to try this out and see how I do. I'm writing it on here so I remember and am accountable!
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1 comment:

wistie said...

those bowls are cool. one question: what are they used for?

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