Tuesday, February 10, 2009

call it a lesson learned

ladies and gentlemen, what did kellie marie learn today?

-never trust computers in the HFAC mac lab. they will fail you and they will fail you good.
-mini burgers at the BYU bowling alley are DELISH (thicker than normal but smaller patty on a byu ROLL. those things are delicious in and of themselves. yum.)
-if you want a burger at aforementioned alley, go at a time when they have more than one man on staff. he was running around like a chicken with his head cut off. it reminded me of jacob lake. poor guy. at least you're not in the boonies!
-no-rules raquetball is infinitely more fun than rules volleyball, especially with the man you love.
-it's a bitter sweet feeling seeing a bad relationship and being grateful it isn't you, even if it's a fake couple (The Heartbreak Kid)
-you know you've got it good when you haven't shaved in two days and he categorizes that as "still pretty smooth." trust me, it's not.
-i will do anything to get out of studying, including making this ridick list.

seacrest out.
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Sara and Wade Jacobsen said...

Kellie, I found your blog on Erin's. I will now blog-stalk you as often as possible. Hope you are doing well.

Sara Nixon Jacobsen

wistie said...

no-rules racquetball is for pussies.

Kellies said...


nevermind that's too dirty, even for me.

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