Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Week 27, Day 191 - Health Update + Our New Home

Pictures from a recent 2-3ish mile run around my neighborhood. Lots of pretty trees and weird houses. The one on the bottom is like...a straight up dugout.

Please ignore the (frankly, embarrassing) mirror grossness and focus on my weight loss. Hey, I either have a clean bathroom or a good run, and it can't be both all the time. #keepinitreal
Welp, I have officially been hovering around 25 lbs lost for about a month now. I don't know what the heck is going on, but it's annoying haha. During plateau times I just have to remind myself that this is a journey, so sometimes I will have setbacks like this. At least I haven't gained it all back. At least I haven't given up like I have so many times before. At least I'm working on my nutrition and still running and even sometimes thinking about lifting some weights.

I looked at my progress spreadsheet and I realize that I have lost about 14 lbs since Christmas. I'm going home next weekend to see my family before we ship out to the last frontier, and I will be 14 lbs lighter than the last time they saw me in person. That, my friends, is what we call the big picture.

I'm hoping that the plateau will go away once we move to Alaska. I've been sticking to the same running routes around our neighborhood, which isn't good for plateaus. Plus the Coke temptation will be gone, and I'm sure that has something to do with it, too. PLUS apparently Ketchikan is basically all hills. Plus, duh, I'll have ample time to work out daily (oh the luxury!) and cook healthy meals. I'm so happy I've gotten into the habit of cooking so that I can jump to the next level and start cooking really healthy.

In other news, we finally found a place to set up camp in Alaska. Matt's boss told him he would find a friend who would be generous enough to let us park in their driveway. Well, he owns like 3 businesses and is a busy busy man, so that never really happened, even if he had good intentions. So we decided to park at an RV camp owned by a fishing resort about 25 minutes away from downtown. It's literally right on the water and we'll have access to:

-Wi-Fi (We were gonna have to find Wi-Fi ourselves because I'll be freelance writing and doing Etsy in my spare time. This also means I won't have to get a new and more expensive phone plan, because my phone works off of Wi-Fi signals. I basically will only have a phone while we're in camp, but I got by on much less than that while I was at Jacob Lake and in Italy so it'll be an adventure.)
- Showers (For when we don't want to shower in the cramped RV shower.)
- Cable TV (We don't even have that now, so that's a luxury for sure.)
- Full water, sewage and electricity hookups (It will allow us to stay put instead of finding a place to dump sewage 2x a week. Plus the electricity will be 30 amps instead of 15, so we'll be able to run everything at the same time without blowing someone's residential breaker.)
- A gorgeous waterfront view
- New, likeminded friends who are staying in their RVs for the week or even the summer!
- Coin laundry (Hallelujah!)
- A resort nearby to go eat a non-homecooked meal
- Crazy good fishing (It's a fishing destination, and that makes Matt happy happy happy)
- Amazing memories! After all, we could just find an apartment. But we're here for the memories! Plus, who wants to drive a moving van up to Alaska when we can keep the RV for post-Alaska travels?

Staying at the RV park will be more expensive than just winging it in someone's driveway, for sure. But I think it will be worth it to not worry about everything I just mentioned above.
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