Monday, March 30, 2015

Week 26, Day 182

Last week I decided to run smaller amounts so I  could run more often. I ended up running Mon-Sat except for Thursday, but just did 1.5-3.5 miles each day. Sadly, I think my body has gotten used to running because my weight went up during the week and is exactly the same as it was last Monday morning. Running is more convenient but I guess I'm going to have to switch up the workouts this week so I can get past this dang 25 lb plateau.

This next part may be TMI for some people. If so, skip to the next paragraph. You know how the doctor said I had a good chance of conceiving this month? 6 days after ovulation I think I have have had some implantation bleeding. But since I've never been pregnant before, I have no idea what that would look like. I won't know for another week if I'm pregnant, and I doubt that I am. But it's kind of exciting to think about. I just can't get too excited.

The hopeful part of me just really really really wants to start our family. The part of me that's trying to protect my feelings tells me that kids are hard and exhausting and phew, aren't you glad you don't have one yet? Another part of me thinks, maybe I'm not meant to be a mother. Maybe I would be awful at it. And yet another part thinks, I would be a great mom. So many opposing feelings and thoughts in my head. I try really hard to train my brain to just think the positive ones.
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Melissa Wright said...

You are meant to be a mom and will be great at it! adjustments, yes. It'll be your grandest adventure. But enjoy your current adventures - just wherever life takes you!

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