Monday, March 30, 2015

This Week's Food

I got this week's meal plan all ready to go, and even bought all the stuff we need from the real grocery store already. Gah meal planning is so convenient.

I didn't get the produce box this week because I needed to make some cheap meals with what we already had until we get paid. So admittedly, this week's dinners aren't suuuper healthy. I need to look up some good vegetable side dishes. The main point is that I'm trying. First comes actually cooking every day, and second comes better, healthier meals. Baby steps.


Monday - leftover white chicken enchiladas, leftover roasted vegetable chicken salad
Tuesday - angel hair pasta with roasted cherry tomatoes and chicken
Wednesday - frozen PF Changs with rice
Thursday - fettuccini with pesto and chicken
Friday - frozen cordon bleu and rice with frozen veggies
Saturday - Kraft mac n' cheese with hot dogs
Sunday - making grandma's rice to bring to Easter dinner


I got stuff to make turkey sandwiches every day, which fill me up and keep me from buying fast food. I think Matt comes home and picks or gets fast food.


- carrots and hummus
- organic pistachios
- apples from last week's produce box
- this is weird but I have some leftover roasted veggies (cherry tomatoes, heirloom baby carrots, sweet potatoes) and I like eating those plain
- treats from gas station (hey, we're human!)

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