Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Week 19, Day 128 - Florida

I tried to make this my profile picture but we were too far apart to crop! I always think he's like 6 inches shorter than he is.
Philippe Park! A beautiful huge park on Safety Harbor.

Welp we're back from Florida! We went to check out a couples job down there, and it was a whirlwind trip! We were basically in Florida for one full day and two partial days. Plus about 15 extra hours were spent on an unexpected layover in Colorado on the way home.

We love Florida! It has a laid-back vibe that we love. Plus...GREEN! So much green everywhere. And it has beaches all over the freaking place. The people there are so nice and everything is so open.

We're still waiting to hear back on the job.

While we were there I got super sick and I didn't even realize it. What I thought was a stiff neck turned out to be a scary neck infection that landed me in urgent care (and almost the ER) on our layover. I'm convinced ours was the only flight out of 4 to get cancelled because I needed to go to the doctor NOW. I had chills, a fever, nausea, faintness, the whole shebang for about a day. And I couldn't sleep. Can I also mention the excruciating pain emanating from my neck? I didn't know pain could be so real. I openly wept and slept like a baby on an airport floor. I cried while I was walking. I cried in the doctor's office. I cried at the terminal. I almost cried at the pharmacist. I cried a whole lot at the hotel. I didn't sleep the last night we were there. It was bad, guys. And Matt was so good to me the entire time. What an angelic man.

Now that I think about it, what may have felt like pregnancy a few weeks back may have been my body telling me that I was SICK and then it weirdly turned into this infection. Blah.

Anyway, I'm on the road to recovery now and we just have to wait to hear back from the job.

I can't work out for a while until my neck gets better and I get rid of this infection. I guess walking shouldn't be too bad, so maybe I'll have to step it up and just get more steps while I'm down for the count.

I feel like I got on such a good schedule before the holidays and then it has been one thing after another. California for Christmas, at the in-laws' for 3 weeks, moving, getting sick twice, going to Florida...I'm admittedly not doing as well exercise and food-wise as I'd like, and I may have even gained a couple pounds back on our trip. But the difference this time around is that I am aware of it, I'm still logging my calories, I'm still wearing my FitBit, and I'm still fighting.

I gotta get back in that beautiful groove I was in before. I guess now my life has more balance, but dang I need to keep losing weight.

PS not pregnant.

EDIT: Fertility update. I just got off the phone with my OB/GYN's office. I usually call to schedule two ultrasounds and to get my monthly medicine, but this time around it's different. Since I had such a good chance of conceiving last month and I didn't, things are getting kicked up a notch. Instead of doing ultrasounds, I'm skipping a month of the Clomid and Femara and going in for bloodwork today and on my 21st day. I don't really know the details of the bloodwork but hopefully this will give us some more insight on my infertility.
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