Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Week 18, Day 122 - Feeling Better

Since I last posted I have tried to work out more consistently and that has improved my yucky symptoms and bad mood tremendously. I guess my body was just coming down from a fitness high...I'm glad it told me to start working out again! Sadly I doubt that I'm pregnant, but I won't know for sure for another week. I am well-stocked with little stick pregnancy tests (bought in bulk from Amazon) because I am crazy but also...frugal. Who wants to pay 14 bucks to get bad news x infinity? I've been using one (or 5 if they're faulty/old tests) every other day and still there's just one sad, solitary line. Oh well. Onward and upward.

I ordered a yoga mat so I can do workout videos at home on our wood floor without hurting my knees. I think it should be here tonight! I also found a yoga studio nearby and I may try out a few classes. I did Jillian Michaels yoga videos a few years ago and lost a lot of weight with it. Yoga kicks your butt in the most relaxing way possible.

I lost my beloved FitBit Flex on Friday! We went to like 6 different places picking up appliances for our house, so it could be anywhere from Orem to Spanish Fork. Sad little FitBit. After 3 days without it, I resigned to its forever fate and bought a new one. The good news is that it gave me an excuse to upgrade to the Charge HR. The Flex was a simple, waterproof tracker that just showed progress in dots. I had to look at my phone to see how far I was running, which was mildly annoying. This one has a screen and I can push a button to see the time, miles walked, my HEARTRATE (What the what?!? Science.), stairs climbed and calories burned. Because it's so fancy it's not waterproof. And the screen scratched after a day. But it's awesome and I love it, especially since there's a watch band that will prevent me from ever losing it, hopefully. I felt really lost without a way to track my calories out. But now I'm back in control.

These past few weeks of feeling crummy just reminded me that the changes I made before were working. I was feeling on top of the world, and when I stopped I just felt really crappy. Exercise is medicine!
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