Thursday, January 22, 2015

Week 17, Day 116 - Off

This entire week feels off for some reason. We still haven't unpacked anything. It's still winter. I'm still feeling sick and subsequently still don't know if I'm pregnant or not, which is the most excruciating bubble of time to endure ever. Oh and I've stopped working out and drinking smoothies. Did I also mention that we're in the midst of planning a hypothetical-not-so-hypothetical big life change? And that is stressing me the balls out because #uncertainty. So I guess you can say that I'm in a rut and I feel crummy. I'm so tired and sad I'm actually taking the morning off tomorrow just to sleep and maybe (gasp) haul my butt to the gym.


Time to read inspirational things. This is a start.

**EDIT** I went home yesterday and was determined to feel better. Kait and I ran 3 miles and went to the gym. Side note: the Provo VASA gym is the literal worst.

I took that half day today and am feeling a bit better, emotionally. Still feeling sick and blah physically. I went on a little run before I felt too sick to continue. Happy surprise...the field by our house has cows! I love that field. It gets the most beautiful sunlight. It was fun to explore our neighborhood by running. I also took a moment to soak up the shining sun outside before getting ready for work. I miss the sunnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.
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Rebecca and Cody said...

Waiting can be agonizing. I'm sorry. Hang in there though! (it is a lot easier to give encouragement than to actually do stuff, so I am the worst example of doing, but I will give you as many virtual high-fives that I can!)

Melissa Wright said...

Hey, I feel super off too! Hurray for stupid January! And the uncertainty. We might move this summer, might go back to school, who knows!
No real advice, cause idk. I know exercise helps, but getting back in the saddle is the worst.

Rachelle Nicole. said...

You are doing so freaking awesome though!!! I think how you are feeling is probably normal, it's okay to take little breaks once in a while. I think if you got a workout in, you may feel better actually. You've had a lot of stress with moving and stuff, you are probably just feeling over whelmed. Don't get to down on your self. You are doing amazing.

Kellie said...

Becca, I feel like you and I are linked in this journey! We're basically going through the same thing at the same time. Thanks for your encouragement. It's nice to have a buddy in this.

Moe, January is the worsttttt. You should move to...Alaska! For the summer. Do it.

Rachelle, your words are always so helpful. I feel like you're just pulling me along in the running department, giving me advice and telling me I'm normal haha. Thank you thank you.

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