Thursday, January 15, 2015

Week 16, Day 109 - 4th Ultrasound

Warning: This post may be TMI for some people. Talking about ultrasounds and ovaries and whatnot.

I went to my doctor today for my monthly ultrasound. I've been going since October so this is my 4th month going. Last month he doubled my Clomid and Metformin and kept the Femara the same so he wanted to see what was up.

I had some cramping last week which was a good sign, he said. It means my body reacted to the medication (finally)! My Metformin seems to be at a good dosage since I can tell the extra hair has been tamed. The doctor seemed really happy about the ultrasound since he found two large follicles in one ovary. The other ovary was hiding again. I should be good to ovulate this month but I'm not holding my breath.

He told me that my medication is on pointe now so we'll explore other options if I don't get pregnant this month. Namely, checking for male infertility, checking my tubes for blockage and talking about IVF. I told him I was concerned about the scariness of IVF and honestly, the cost. But he said they waive most IVF fees because they do it in-house; his goal is to deliver my baby so he makes it cheaper to actually get pregnant.

That seemed like a big relief to me. I've been saving up money in my HSA account for infertility costs, but it's not enough to cover IVF, that's for sure. Not even close. But my ultimate goal is to not need IVF. I want to get healthy enough that I can avoid IVF and just get pregnant "naturally" with some help from the doctor and medicine, of course.
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Charity Z said...

We've been through all of that. If you ever have questions of just want to talk give me a call :)

Good luck this month!

Melissa Wright said...

That's good news! Maybe not great news yet, but positives!!!

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