Monday, December 8, 2014

Week 11, Day 71 - My Priority

I feel strong this week. I'm tired and I ate 4 candy canes today... But I feel strong.

Kait came back! She's back! We went running today with the dogs for the first time together and we ran 4.2 miles without even thinking about it! It's amazing how far you can run when you're talking to a friend. It also shows me that I have had the ability to run more than 3 miles for maybe a week or two but I haven't had the patience. I just get bored by 3 miles so I stop myself. I've got to work on just pushing through that wall so we can train for a half marathon.

Other updates? Not pregnant but it's ok. I'm kind of hoping I can lose more weight before that happens so I can have a really healthy pregnancy instead of a high-risk one. So my mind can't fully be on getting pregnant right now. I'm still working on that, but it has to be more on working out and getting healthy so I can carry a healthy baby. My goal is to get to my goal weight (-70 lbs) by January 1, 2016. If I get pregnant before that, I will be thrilled! But I can't bank on it. The best thing I can do for my health and for my fertility is to lose weight, so that's a priority. One pound at a time, baby!

I also won the health challenge this week at work! It was a random draw, but I have been doing every challenge for the past 3 weeks so I'm happy I won. We'll see what I get tomorrow.

Best of all, I've found that exercising really helps my anxiety and pessimism. I'm feeling a lot more positive these days and that is a huge blessing.

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