Friday, December 5, 2014

Week 10, Day 68 - A Victory

I ran 5 days in a row this week. It's coming to the point where my body craves the run. I ran a mile last night right before bed because I needed that feeling in my lungs after a workout. It was quite literally freezing outside but I didn't feel winded or that sweaty feeling you get when you're not strong enough for a workout. It was easy peasy lemon squeezey, guys.

I had a victory this morning when I decided to try on some smallish pants. I bought them last year in a moment of rashness...they kind of fit but honestly didn't feel comfortable when I wore them for longer than 3 minutes. I never wore them and felt kind of dumb for buying pants that were too small for me. But today I put them on and they buttoned comfortably and fit nicely! I mean, they could fit a little better...but they fit. So I wore them today and I feel awesome. It feels good to wear pants that flatter my figure. My fat pants were not that cute and not tight enough because my legs were disproportionately smaller than my stomach. My stomach is still big but the pants are tight and it feels gooooooooood.

If you are struggling to start a workout or health journey, don't hesitate! Please just start now and don't stop until you reach at least one milestone. That milestone will feel so good that you'll have the motivation to keep going until you hit another milestone, and then another. These small victories are keeping me going and I am determined to celebrate each and every one until I'm at my goal weight.
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