Tuesday, March 26, 2013


#1 reason I love having a smartphone: When I'm in Coalville at a school with literal stuffed animals hanging in the library, and wonder what the difference between a buffalo and a bison is, I can just Google the crap out of it. Question answered. Who needs grad school? I have Google and a lot of questions.

Coworker: "Think about how big that guy's head is. Like, imagine if he were standing right next to you. It doesn't look that big from far away. But up close...whoah."

And those are basically my metaphorical feelings about grad school.

Just kidding. But for reals, I'm still flirting with the idea of grad school. Remember when I confessed that I truly, madly, deeply love school? Going back is still on my mind. My question is, how do people work full time and get a masters? That sounds like my own personal nightmare. But I really really really want it. hashtagmasochist.

Do you have a graduate degree? Does anyone have advice about going back to school while your spouse is also in school? 

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