Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Favorites

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Whatcha doing this weekend? I'm going out if town next week for work, so this weekend will be spent doing whatever the heck I want!! That probably means a temple trip and some best friend time. We're trying to save up for our flight to Miami so I'll also be trying to spend no money.

This airport concept would make me so happy. My question is, who washes the sheets?

I don't love pie, but I would if it always came like this!

Whaaaaat? Have you heard of Google Glass? It's basically a computer/phone built into glasses. You can take pictures and videos, see directions, Google pictures of tigers, maybe even Pinterest? Does anyone want to give me $1500? That'd be great. Kthanks.

A cute comment card from a kid at the MoMA.

I would buy this in a minute if we got a dog.

Oh My-lanta. This just added Atlanta to my bucket list.

This place looks like a dream.

85 year old best friends. This will be me and Jeannette in 60 years.

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