Friday, February 1, 2013

Where The Sun Glows

Oh man. I'm so glad I married an adventurer. My personal ideal day usually consists of staying home and relaxing, but Matt loves to get away. I'm really starting to love it, too. The wear and tear of daily life can sometimes feel almost too overwhelming to bear. Getaways like this create events to look forward to and memories to last.

Today we slept in on our fancy air mattresses, ate sausage mcmuffins the size of my face, took naps, walked to a charming outdoor restaurant with the best French waiter and vinaigrette I've ever seen, and danced with baby in the living room.

The house isn't finished yet, so we are improvising...which means cooking with a grill and microwave, and using the front stoop as our fridge.

And I had two (yeah, two) of the best baths ever in a triangle whirlpool bathtub.

We even started planning our summer vacation. What initially began as a cruise to the Bahamas has turned into a week in Costa Rica with the brother's family, then Miami, then the cruise.

When the sun started to set and all were napping, I sat outside on the deck to worship the forgotten sun and bottle it up. I wish I could take the sun home to Provo with me. It makes all the difference.

Hopefully this will get me through the last weeks of winter. What do you do to recharge?

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