Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! I've had a doosie of a week at the museum. It's been fun but lots of work. Matt surprised me with a weekend in a cabin down in Springdale (the small small town righ outside Zion) with his brother's little family. We got in last night and ate steaks by a fire and fell asleep on air mattresses to Parks and Rec. The cabin is under construction, but it's modern and full of windows, so we are basically luxury camping. It's pretty fun and just what I needed. The only plan for today is to breathe in fresh air, hold that baby for as long as possible, take a nap, and have a bath in the whirlpool tub overlooking a river. Here are the links:

This family lived in the backwoods of Siberia for four decades without seeing another person. The story of how they lived.

An inspiring quote about getting through winter.'s about time for Amy Poehler to write a book. 

An open letter to the fat girl at hot yoga. (I loved it!)

This girl went all out for her Disney wedding. What do you guys think? Cute or weird?how they lived.
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