Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My Proverbial Love Fern

So Matt got me an azalea tree (bush?) for Valentine's Day. I swear it's one of the most beautiful plants I have ever seen. The best part is that it lasts so much longer than a bouquet of flowers would. The worst that it lasts so much longer than a bouquet of flowers would. He says I have to
keep it alive until next February. 

Suddenly I feel like Kim Kardashian when Kanye gave her that cat. Who cleared me for this?!

The only experience I've had with keeping plants alive was watching my mother unceremoniously throw away the pair of impatients that died annually on our front porch. Like clockwork, a new pair would greet me the next day like nothing ever happened. 

Oh, and one time we grew some pumpkins in the backyard. My dad also grew tomatoes. Sometimes we picked limes off of the tree that was there when we moved in. Mostly I just reaped the rewards but did none of the work.

Needless to say, I need some help keeping this tree alive. 

I've googled some stuff. I water it ever day. I even open the blinds to give it that much-needed indirect sunglight. But after that, I'm kind of clueless.


If it dies before next February, I may feel like Matthew McConaughey's Ben in HTLAGITD.


I wouldn't put Matt past it. 

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Charity Z said...

This sounds like the love trees Dave and I had when we were dating. They were tiny pine tree sprouts- just a twig with a poof of pine needles on top. All was going well until Dave decided his needed pruned and lopped the top off. Killing off his love tree damaged our relationship for sure but we pulled through after months of counseling from a master gardener, although I still have trust issues. Good luck, don't prune, and keep that love alive! PS we had a money tree in college and we killed that too. Sigh.

Kellie said...

Haha I love that story. Were you serious about the non-pruning? Because I just pruned it...uh oh! So far it seems to be hanging in there.

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