Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My New, Free Glasses!

I've had glasses since 5th grade. Not just reading glasses. Glasses. The kind you have to wear all the time. I didn't even consider the idea of contacts until my junior year of high school. Add braces for three years, debilitating shyness, a weird haircut and some chub, and you've got my childhood. Yeah, I was that girl. Let's just say that Tina Fey and Mindy Kaling's biographies hit a little too close to home.

Now I just wear glasses when contacts aren't around. I kept seeing the ad below all over my Facebook, but it looked too good to be true. Since I'm basically half a step above being a poor college student, I finally decided to check it out. 

I don't think I'll ever use anything else to buy glasses or contacts again.

I was wary of buying glasses online without trying them on, but Coastal.com has a try-on view feature where you can upload a picture of yourself, type in a couple of numbers, and virtually try on all the glasses your heart desires from your couch. I found a pair I liked and typed in my prescription, along with the code FIRSTPAIRFREE at checkout, and only had to pay like $15 in shipping and handling. Considering my last pair of glasses cost almost $200, I almost jumped up on my couch with glee when I saw how much I had to pay. I almost feel like I'm stealing...this is too good of a deal! But hey, they offer, I take it. 

The only thing I could foresee as a potential issue is not having a prescription. I had an existing prescription from about a year ago that still felt correct, so I was fine. But if you don't have a current prescription, you'll probably have to still go see an eye doctor for an exam, then come home and buy the glasses online.  

 Here's the pair I ended up getting. They haven't come yet, but I'm pretty excited to get them. If I don't like them, Coastal offers a 366-day return policy with free shipping. You can return them and switch them out for another pair. I was so excited to find a pair I liked that I bought them without realizing that they're men's glasses! Oh well...I'm going to rock them with my big head anyway. Shh...don't tell. 

Edit: They came, and they're too small for my face. This is what I get for not specifying my face measurements. I'm going to send them back and get a new pair. Other than that, they look great! 

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