Saturday, January 12, 2013

Thing I Love: Hot Stone Massages

Guys. Have you ever had a hot stone massage? Would you like to know what they feel like? Let's just say that I felt like this the whole time it was happening:

That's right. I walked into the salon feeling like a fatigued old woman with too many worries, and in that hour and a half, I may have turned into Jennifer Aniston. My cares literally melted away and I may have had an outer body experience contemplating the universe.

The point is, if you are so visibly stressed out that your husband decides to give you and your best friend a Treat Yourself day for Christmas, take him up on it.
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Mathias Michelakis said...

I guess we’re sailing on the same boat, Kellie. Actually, my girlfriend was the one who introduced the hot stone massage to me. It was the time when I was really stressed out from work. She said it would help me relax physically, emotionally, and mentally; and, she was absolutely right. :]

Gregg Mulherin said...

@Mathias: Same here! Back then, I was never into massages, but when I accompanied my wife to her hot stone massage session, she encouraged me to try. And thank goodness she did! After the massage, I felt relaxed and somewhat light. From then on, me and my wife made it a point to schedule a hot stone massage session on our local spa.

Lilia Valle @ La Fleur de Beaute said...

" that hour and a half, I may have turned into Jennifer Aniston." I had a good laugh when I read that but I can't help but agree that a good massage can make you feel like a whole new woman. Hot stone massages are my favorite too, but I do try other techniques every now and then.

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