Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Favorites

This drawing is appropriately titled "That January Feeling". I've been feeling like this all.month.long.

What are you doing this weekend? One of my Christmas gifts from Matt was a girl's day with Jeannette. She drove down from SLC to escape Winter Storm Gandalf (that's what Matt is calling it) and we've been having Ghetto Thursday. What is Ghetto Thursday, you ask? PJs all day. Simultaneous internet time in bed. Yummy comfort food. Homemade boba. Project Runway, Snooki + JWOWW + Double Divas. Best ever.

And then we're having girl's day tomorrow! Massages, lunch and shopping, courtesy of Matt. He even scheduled a day with Jeannette before he told me about it. It couldn't have come at a better time, because this week has been about 12 years too long. My whole body hurts from getting back into teaching (standing all day, driving all day, getting up early), so I'm pretty pumped! Points to that wonderful husband of mine. Time for Friday Favorites! 

A foolproof scientific way to get on The Price is Right.

If you're like me, you buy food and it goes bad before you can eat it. Here's a list of 31 groceries you can freeze to save make your groceries last longer.

I got hooked on boba in California, and haven't found a great place to get it here in Utah. Then I found this recipe to make boba tea at home. Jeannette and I made it and it was so good! 

Man. Sometimes it feels like only bad things are happening in the world. A list 26 things that restored our faith in humanity this year, to balance that list out.

I have definitely already watched all of season 3 of DA. Don't worry, I won't tell what happened, because I hate spoilers. But if you want to have a viewing party, here are some Downton Abbey party printables. You're welcome. Please invite me. 

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