Monday, December 3, 2012

Why I want to be BFF with Abraham Lincoln

Have you guys seen the movie Lincoln yet? We saw it in Arizona over Thanksgiving break. First of all, we went on a Tuesday afternoon, so I'm pretty sure Matt, our BIL + I were the only three people there under the age of 60. We walked in and were surrounded by seniors! When I pointed it out to Matt, he just said, "Babe, look at the only other movie playing at this theater. Twilight. That just goes to show how dumb our generation is." What has become of our generation when most people would rather see a poorly-written movie about glittery vampires than an amazingly produced movie about our best president ever? I mean, he got rid of slavery, for crying out loud. There is my rant. Go see Lincoln. 

BTW, the uptight mom from Mrs. Doubtfire played Mary Todd Lincoln. She brought me to tears during their fight scene. But then again, I think I also cried during Twilight, so...

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