Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Best Christmas Movies Of All Time

Remember when I talked about my favorite family Christmas traditions? Watching movies together is a big part of that. In honor of one of my favorite traditions, I have compiled a list of the best holiday movies to watch this month to get you into a festive mood. This post could also be called:

"The Best 17 Movies to Watch At Christmas Because They're Awesome And I've Seen Them And They Mention Christmas At Some Point". Enjoy! 

2. Home Alone

3. Meet Me In St. Louis

4. The Santa Clause

5. The Polar Express

6. Elf

7. White Christmas

8. To Grandmother's House We Go (Oh yeah. This is happening. I was addicted to MK+A growing up. Watched every movie 10 trillion times. This is staying on the list, mostly because it makes me happy to see them pre-hobo.)

9. The Harry Potter series

10. Little Women

11. Mean Girls

12. Serendipity

13. The Holiday

14. Sleepless in Seattle

15. When Harry Met Sally

16. You've Got Mail

17. The Family Stone

I won't apologize that 3 of those movies feature Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks/Billy Crystal. While googling Christmas movies to refresh my memory, I stumbled upon this gem. I've never seen it, but I might pay a billion dollars to find a copy.

Your turn. Do you have a favorite Christmas movie?
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1 comment:

K La said...

Love Actually. Several years ago I got an edited copy, and it is the movie I must see every December. It is such a good movie!

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