Sunday, October 21, 2012

Home Away From Home

It took me a long time to consider Utah home. I have been living here for over six years and still consider myself a true Californian. Once I realized that I might be spending the rest of my entire life here (ok, maybe just like four or ten more years), I figured I better start stay-cationing my new home! BTW, stay-cationing is what delusional people call vacation. I am in that category. It's a great way to feel awesome about not having any time or money to go somewhere far, far away and forget your real life for .5 seconds. Luckily, my real life is pretty great + my adventurous husband and my job allow me to see a fair share of this state. 

Rachel and I have started taking advantage of our long trips together. We have made a goal to visit every LDS temple in the state. When we have an overnight trip somewhere far away, we try to schedule a temple session if there's a temple nearby. 

I have loved the peaceful feelings the temple brings. I learn new things every time I go. It's also nice to visit somewhere that feels like home when we are three or four hours away from our real homes. It makes heaven seem so much closer, and I am always in a great mood every time I leave! It's a great time to feel close to God and ponder my purpose here on earth.

We were on our way home from Logan, so we stopped to see the new Brigham City temple. 

Rachel didn't have a skirt because this was an unplanned stop, so we tried to walk somewhere to buy her one! Brigham City may have a temple, but they are apparently not up on the skirt scene. We went to the only dece store in walking distance, and it was being renovated... and the store owner pulled skirts out of a cardboard box in this unfinished loft area. Plus the skirt didn't fit, so we pulled a Liz Lemon and shut it down. Hopefully we'll get a chance to go inside soon when we're more prepared! 

I don't have pictures, but so far we have gone to sessions at the Logan + Manti temples. 

We go to a lot of small towns. We have driven through Nevada, Arizona, and now Wyoming to get to some towns! We see a lot of old buildings on our way...

 We went to a school that was right across the street from a farm. We had some time, so I took a walk to say hi to the cows and they just stared at me.

I realize that farms and cows and being in the middle of nowhere are not new things to some people, but I still can't get used to it. I think I will always prefer cities to small town life, although it's fun to visit.

 My BFFL Jeannette is on a crusade to save the world, one folk opera at a time! Matt and I hosted a sleepover last weekend so she could have a flyer party for her upcoming show. We got up "early" on Saturday and walked around Provo posting flyers for all to see! Hopefully it worked. Matt and I walked around putting flyers on each and every door until we realized we could just post them in big complexes on the mailboxes. Sometimes being smart and lazy go very well together.

Matt hates pictures of himself. I think his biggest fear is that I will turn into one of those blogger wives who takes pictures of her food at every meal and whatnot. And to that, I say, I do what I want! 

The sleepover was a great time to catch up on old Jacob Lake stories. We may not see them a lot, but our JL people feel like family. 

Amy + Steve are having their baby girl soon! I told Amy that I am going to be the first person to hold her baby. She wasn't happy, Bob.

Game night at the Hardin house! Another home away from home. We are so lucky to have family in the same town. If only my mom could convince my dad to move up here, we would never have to leave! OK, on second thought Mom + Dad, stay there so we can go visit you! 

I may or may not be temporarily addicted to MacDo's Monopoly. I got obsessed for a minute and FOR SURE thought I was going to win a million dollars, if not, a fancy trip or some fries or something. I even got everyone on our road trip to St. George in on the game and convinced them to give me their winning pieces. The jig was up once I realized I would have to ingest the products I bought (because I cannot see food go to waste). My grandmother trained me to pour cereal, then milk, and eat what was there, then only put more milk in if I needed it, so the milk wouldn't go to waste. Morgan Spurlock has also ruined me. My Mata and Morgan Spurlock are officially the reasons why I am not a millionaire. Once I had that epiphany, the game was over. Unless anyone wants to trade... :) 

For more information on why Mormons build temples, go here, or watch this video. 

I am grateful that the most important thing about a place is that it feels like home. And I'm lucky that I have a lot of people (our friends, Matt's family, my family) and places (California, Utah, the temple) that make me feel at home! 

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