Monday, September 24, 2012

What I Do At Work

A lot of people have asked me what I do at work. Mostly they're just confused that I'm a teacher at an art museum. What does that even mean?! It means I don't have to go to the same school every day, or grade anything, or answer to an administration. I get to use my Art Education degree in a different way that is much more suited to my interests.

Rachel and I run an outreach program called ArtTalks through the Springville Museum of Art that provides special art experiences to every school in the state of Utah. That means we are at a new school every day, from Lake Powell to Brigham City, to West Desert and Roosevelt. We travel a lot and see a lot of crazy things. One room school houses, weird hotels, bizarre landmarks, and a whole lot of nothing. We have hard schools and amazing schools, and stay in hotels a lot.

I asked the class to do a pose, and this is what this kid was doing when I turned around hahaha.

One of our programs has kids model for and draw each other. This is a class full of kids posing.

The little kids draw people with shapes! 

We have middle school kids make up stories with art from the museum. This kid was a TA and hilarious! This class was our favorite class of all time.

ASB posters

Sometimes we drive for hours! 

We also provide art projects for community events at the museum. 

Art Buffet!

Community and Family Night: Paper Bag Puppets

Community and Family Night: Bubble Art

more CFN

CFN: Fingerpainting! 

Super cute kids with their puppets

Crafternoon: T-Shirt Art. I made so many things and put them all over my boss! 

We also teach Summer Art Classes at the museum during the summer, when school is out. This was my first year teaching. 

My TA, Carrie, talking about paintings with the kids.

They made so many things! 

Gallery drawing time.
Sometimes I find paintings that look like Dan Little.

Sometimes we help our boss set up new shows. This magnetic wall was for the new interactive show in the Education Gallery called Exploring Animals. 

Sometimes my friend finds out I teach art and asks me to teach at their non-profit.

Sometimes I get a break while Rachel is teaching and find cute dogs dressed in onesies on

We do a lot more than that, but none of those things are interesting enough to take pictures of and talk about. I have always loved museums, and it's pretty cool to work at one! We do evenings for teachers at other museums all over Utah, so I have gotten to see all of the major museums Utah has to offer. Pretty great.

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