Monday, September 24, 2012

Date Night

We are trying to establish consistent date nights on the weekend and FHE on Mondays. I think having a good routine for those two things will be really good when we have kids. We have a hard time doing anything after work during the week, since both of our jobs are both pretty physically (and/or emotionally) demanding. Teaching is exhausting for me, and Matt basically works in construction. So weekends are our time to party!

I have started looking up public calendars and writing events down in our calendar up to three months in advance. It makes the "what should we do this weekend?" question so much easier. On Friday, we went to a folk music festival downtown, then to Chalk the Block at Riverwoods, and dinner at Olive Garden. It was fun to dress up and act like we were dating again!

The folk music festival was SO dead. There were like 10 people there, probably all musicians' family. So we left to go to Chalk the Block. No wonder it was dead...everyone was at Riverwoods! We walked through the nice townhouses just north of the shopping center and found a nice riverwalk.

Mistake: Never go out on Homecoming night! Olive Garden was packed and so noisy. We got seated at a huge round table because that's all they had. The only silence we heard was when the waiter asked a huge table of fancy teens if they wanted dessert. Silence.

We had an hour before our table was ready, so we went to Shopko to get some body wash and shoes. Even Shopko was fun! Who knew? The cash register at the front was taking so long, and the cashier commented on it. There were four other registers open, so I joking said, "Well, why don't you just go to another register?!" "Eh, too far away." Really, kid? You'd rather sit at a slow register than move four feet to a faster one? "They haven't been turned on in years." (That's what she said). Oh Shopko, that's what we call the first signs of shutting it down.

Today we got to sleep in sooo hard since the Brigham City temple dedication was at 3pm. Temple dedications are always a beautiful experience for me. Since I slept all morning, we decided to go on a walk after the dedication. We drove to Utah Lake and explored! Matt loves fishing so much, so he found a few new places to go back to while we were there.

An abandoned school bus at the Provo airport. Huh? Hobo's nest.

A close-up. You're welcome.

I'm training to become a paparazzo.

He found a good fishing spot and went down to check it out...

And then got attacked by bugs.

Sure love datey dates with my boy!

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