Sunday, April 18, 2010

My friend Chelsea just blogged about looking back at pictures to make you laugh when life gets ridiculous.

 She posted this picture, which I completely forgot about but am so happy it's back.
Yes, that is Megan's hand on my butt.
It's from when we worked at Jacob Lake two years ago.
If you know me at all, you've heard about Jacob Lake and how it was simultaneously the best and worst experience of my life.
Moments like this and friends like these made it the best.
You wouldn't understand what made it the worst unless you worked there.

I looked through my college scrapbook the other day. Yes, I made a scrapbook, and no, it is not fugly.
Being away from my best friend is a unique and hard experience, but seeing hundreds of pictures in which life was good, happy and fulfilling makes the hurt feel better.
Life is good. I am happy despite trials. I am blessed. I feel joy.
And that is the bet gift of all.
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1 comment:

Che' said...

HA HAH AH! For real, effing St. George. I can't get over how.. just... HAPPY you look in this picture! Good good GOOD freaking times.

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