Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I can never think of titles.

This is the collage I had in the Student Art Show. 

I have been Spring Cleaning my whole life lately. I am looking for a new job, I donated a ton of stuff to do, I cleaned my whole house (still can't tackle the car), and have bought new spring clothes. Spring is in the air and it is so refreshing! Plus once I get 100% better, the 6-week yoga challenge is back ON!

This is the view I had when I walked out of my last final. Free at last, free at last.

This is my Curriculum document and my Technology final. Curriculum is referred to as "The Big Enchilada" in the art education program, and everyone freaks out when they take it. You basically have to write a whole entire class curriculum (including charts, unit overviews, overarching goals, ten lessons, assessment, etc.). I have been working on it all semester and finally turned it in! It was 60 pages and cose $17 to print! I was so glad to get rid of it that I had to take a picture of that moment. I'm such a nerd.

This is me and Hillary rolling on the floor laughing at the Italy Reunion. The Game of Things is the best game ever when played right.

Brittney, me and Steph at a backyard concert last week. So fun.

Also I wish I could pull this outfit off.
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Che' said...

What is the game of things?

brittna said...

woot! i made it on your blog

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