Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sittin, Wishin, Waitin...

I was never one of those girls who started planning her dream wedding at the age of four. But for the past year and a half, I have been wedding crazy! I guess it helps when you're 99% who the groom is going to be. There are so many awesome wedding blogs out there, that I just save the pictures I like for inspiration when the time to actually plan said wedding comes. So in case some of you don't think I'm cuckoo enough, here are some wedding details I love (and stole) and want to do at my own wedding!

Imagine keys attached to table assignments

and a bouquet like this one.

And maybe I'll do a wall of picture frames all bunched together with pictures of us in them. 

Tea lights ares a must...

And wouldn't you love to eat off of one of these?

And I would love to have my picture taken down this lane,

or have a cozy seating arrangment like this.

Or maybe even take some pictures in a treehouse in the middle of the woods,

Or send out polaroids as my invitation.

But we all know that I'll probably send out something like this.

And maybe by then I'll have a doug named Doug who can wear a tie to my reception,

and I'll by famous by then, too, so Lady Gaga will show up to photography my wedding wearing her hair in a freaking bow,

and she'll look at the wire hanging on the walls with love notes Matt wrote me ages ago.

Or maybe I'll screen print my own invitations,

and have a cake like this one,

or have the reception in an old house...

And maybe there will be umbrellas all over the ceiling

And guests can thumbprint our family tree...

Or type us a love not on a vintage typewriter.

Isn't it nice to dream? Also, if I'm going to invite any celebrity to my wedding, it's going to be Will Ferrell and Tina Fey. 

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Kristen said...

um yes. = visited (almost) daily.

ps. please do the umbrella thing! i'm in love!

Kellies said...

Sweet I've never heard of that website before. And I totally want to do the umbrella thing. The sad thing is, this is just the tip of the iceberg. I have about a billion more pictures and twice as many ideas. How do you narrow it all down?

Kellies said...

haha well you've got some time to plan thats for sure! I love this post and I love that you like to plan. ours will be the classiest wedding of the m all!

Matthew said...

this is matt by the way. wrong profile.

Job and Rachael said...

I like! Haha, planning a wedding is way fun! Too bad I only had two weeks to do mine! ;) Enjoy this time while Matt is gone and plan away :) I had fun with ;)

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