Friday, February 19, 2010

Forgotten Pictures

I have so many pictures that don't make it onto the blog because I can technically only do one picture a day. So here's some of my favorite unseen pictures from summer until now!

Meg and I saw swarms of missionaries at the Provo Temple one day. It was kinda trippy. Don't you love the couple in the front?

Jeannette comes down to visit from Rexburg a lot, and we love it! 

Down my street. This one didn't make the cut for the 365 blog.

I had an assignment in my studio class to copy a children's book illustration and then make my own page for a graphic novel. 

Powell's parking lot in Portland.

Ream's Market.

Matt took my camera a lot to go fishing this summer. Lovin the hat haha.

On the way to Jamie and Russy's wedding.

My first view of Amy's wedding dress. Isn't it beautiful?

Daddio and the Momma at Brian and Melissa's wedding.

We found our Utah reception site! (And almost got kicked out for tresspassing haha).

Baby Amari.

The Charles! What a little man.

Street Art.

The class I TA'd for last semester making prints.

The boys BBQ'd for us when we went shooting. Yum!

I think I look pissed and scary more often than I feel pissed and scary.

Birthday glasses!

Yes, this is a pirate ship in the harbor in Venice.

Brian, Mata and Aaron at Brian's wedding. They look so good!

Venice. Man, I miss Italy.

Cinque Terra, Italy. Can I go back now please?

Fishin between cities in Cinque Terra.
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brittna said...

i love all of these - especially that watercolor - I WANT IT!!!

Kellies said...

haha thanks. it actually wasn't that hard. i make you something!

That's what she said! said...

yay! i think this might be the only full length photo from the back of my dress

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