Thursday, January 14, 2010


Who here doesn't love Food Network?
I'm pretty sure Booby Floo is the best thing ever.
I'm addicted to Iron Chef.
Worst Cook in America is awesome.
And Man vs. Food? Forget about it!

So why can't Food Network come to Provo and cover JDAWGS?
Obviously, Wistie is sad about this.
That's it, I'm sending a letter...

I just started another blog for a class I'm taking. The only requirement was to start a blog that related to art. So I'm going to do a picture-a-day blog for a year. Please follow me and help me reach my goal! And think about starting your own picture-a-day blog, too! It'll be fun!

Go HERE to see my new blog.

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wistie said...

um thanks for publicizing this awful picture... i hate you.

Kellies said...

You love it.
You love me.
You love your mom...

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