Monday, January 11, 2010

The Happiness Project

Matt teases me because I love to follow blogs. I enjoy what other people take the time to write down. And blogs are awesome because they seem more personal than a book for many reasons.

I stumbled across this blog about a year ago.

 It's called The Happiness Project, in which a woman researches what is supposed to make people happy and tests it all out for a year. She wrote a book, she's smart, she's legit, I've even seen her on TV. I admire her efforts to find out the true source of happiness. But every time I read her blog, I get the feeling that something is missing.

The Gospel.

She is not LDS. I don't even know if she's religious. She must not be, because none of her posts are about religion. She looks to me like a happy person, and I believe that her life has truly become better because she actively tries to be happier. I also believe that non-LDS people can lead full, rich, meaningful lives without The Gospel. But it just makes everything better.

I have grown up knowing the Gospel principles. I was raised LDS. Technically, I have never known life outside being Mormon. But I know what it feels like to not be perfect, to fudge on some of the principles; I can honestly say that --no matter what I do -- I am the most happy, the most fulfilled, and the most content when I live my life aligned with God

Even if I did everything she talks about achieve happiness, I would never achieve the joy I feel by being a member of the LDS church.

Yes, sometimes church is hard to go to for three hours a week. Yes, some of the people at church are idiots and give us a bad name. But what church doesn't have those faults? I believe this is a true church founded on true principles given to us by God. But that doesn't mean it's followed on earth by perfect people (inspired, but not perfect).

If you are looking for joy in your life, go here, read this book, find out for yourself. I promise it will change your life forever.

Love, Kellie
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Gretchen said...

Hi Kellie
I saw the nice mention of my blog, The Happiness Project, here. I very much appreciate those kind words and you shinning a spotlight on my work. Thanks and best wishes,

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