Monday, December 14, 2009


To minor in Communications or not to minor in Communications? That is the question. It means an extra semester.

I'm going to the Hardin Family REUNION this weekend. We're going up to a cabin in Idaho. I'm pretty stoked!

Then I'm going home for six days. Woo!

Matt is moving back home after the reunion. His mission call should come this week. So many changes.

I turned my sketchbook in for a final and am having Phantom Limb syndrome (you know when someone loses a leg or an arm and goes to scratch it even after ten years of being limb-less?) I'm pretty sure I have the dreaded Phantom Sketchbook.

Life is good. I love my major. The people are really nice. I miss Jeannette. My car has a heater. I love intaglio. The end.

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brittna said...

oh man - that's so exciting

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