Friday, December 25, 2009

Lux Aeterna

One of my favorite things to do is closet shop. You know, forget about certain items of clothing so that when you find them in the back of your closet 8 months later, they feel like you've just gone to the mall and bough a new wardrobe (run-on sentence run-on sentence). What could get better than that? Home-home closet shopping! The clothes I wore in high school (and regrettably don't fit into anymore, thank you freshman 15-ish) and totally forgot about.

The best thing I found in my purple room was my camp sweatshirt. I remember being 12 and thinking the 16 year old youth leaders at girls' camp were so cool for having been given a hand-picked nickname embroidered on their very own sweatshirt. Some nicknames were admittedly pretty lame, but when I got mine it felt so awesome. 

Lux Aeterna. Eternal Light.

Honestly, it's hard to see yourself as others see you. I have always had a twinge of self-doubt deep down; so when I was given that nickname, it made me see myself how my church leaders may have seen me, and definitely how God sees all His children. He sees us with an eternal perspective and how we ca become. On top of supportive family and friends, it's nice to know that there is someone constant up there rooting for us. 

So now I am sitting here in my comfy blue camp sweatshirt and some awesome pj pants my grandma gave me, watching a cheesy lifetime christmas movie with my mom and I'm super glad to be home.

Merry Christmas. May we all see ourselves as God sees us.
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Jamie Jo said...

Kelly! I just recently found your blog and love it. And you know what? I was awake one night (baby, of course) and was trying to think of all the camp names I could think of. I never knew yours, but now I do, and I am pretty sure it is my favorite. So glad they still have that tradition. Shine on, Kelly!

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