Friday, October 16, 2009

Thank God.

So I'm pretty sure if you are literally thanking God, that the phrase "Thank God" isn't blasphemous. Therefore:

Thank God for the beautiful weather this weekend.
Thank God for the WEEKEND!
Thank God for pretty fall trees.
Thank God for ART!
Thank God for El Pollo Loco.
Thank God for antibiotics and scary masks at the health center.
Thank God for Matthew.
Thank God for health insurance.
Thank God for cable.
Thank God for the Springville Art Museum (They have some great stuff right now...go check it out).
Thank God for people who break the BYU Bubble.
Thank God for a comfy bed.
Thank God for the future.

Even though I have been miserably sick this week, it's been a good week. Matt is always so great about taking care of me, and I finally got to kiss him! Since I had the day off school and work, we decided to drive to Lehi and feast on some yum yum El Pollo fast food chicken ever. And then we went to the Springville Art Museum to get our (ok, my) art fix! Except, I can never get enough so that fix will probably last about an hour and then I will have to go make some or something.

The only downside to today: I spent an hour and a half in the waiting room of the health center. My meeting with the doctor took less than a minute. Is that a good or bad thing? Everyone around me was wearing masks and I got creeped out until I realized that their germs are going into a mask and not my FAYCE. I also got caught up on the Healthcare reform by watching the Glenn Beck Second Opinion Special. Man that guy is animated. What are your thoughts on Obama's healthcare plan?

I never thought of myself as someone who particularly likes Fall, but I think I'm being converted. The trees are so gorgeous that I just want to sit outside and paint all day. Maybe I will...
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