Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I have not been able to kiss Matthew for a week because I am sick (again). Shouldn't there be a law against not being able to show affection to someone you love?!

In other news, Nie Nie is awesome.

In other other news, I realized today that even though life is crazy, I am majoring in something that I love, and the craziness is worth the knowledge I have gained. Art Ed is the best major. Period. (In my opinion...)

In other other other apartment has cable. And that is the best news of all. Except this...

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is true!
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Naazju said...

Clark and I got sick last Thursday with completely not related illnesses and he has refused to stop kissing, although I've made sure it's only pecks. So . . . that's the middle ground, if you wanted to know. :D

B-Tuck said...

i like this. sorry abou the sickness.. hope you're better by now. :)

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