Friday, August 7, 2009

I've Got A Feelin' (now edited with pictures)

Do you ever act like a total b***h for no reason? NO reason at all? Because life is pretty great lately and my loved ones have had to deal with my emotional insanity. In spite of my awful mood, I have done some awesome things like:

shooting for the first time and blowing my target to pieces!

driving all the way to Salt Lake just to eat Chipotle.

cheering my ward's Ultimate Frisbee team on to ULTIMATE VICTORY with a full band on the sidelines.

and sifting through 2,500 photos to make my ultimate scrapbook.

Tomorrow I'm going to see the Cirque du Soleil show that Matt bought me a ticket for. I'm way pumped, seeing as I've been wanting to see them for like four years now! Thanks, dove!

Edit: So Cirque was amazing. My friend Amber bought a ticket last minute and came with me. Matt got me FRONT ROW seats, so I got to see everything up close. The costumes were creepy but really cool, and I was fully entertained for 2 and a half hours. Great birthday present!!!

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Allie said...


wistie said...

i'm trying to decide if being in a bad mood for no reason at all is better than having a very good, legitimate reason to be in a bad mood.
no reason: the issue eventually goes away.
reason: there really is an issue and it's not just something you can shrug off and there are more people than just you at the root of it.
i don't know.
have fun! it sounds like you are! don't forget me!

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