Saturday, May 9, 2009

May 8th: SICK

YAY I'm definitely sick! And out of all the pills I brought just in case something happened, I only have nighttime cold pills and nothing for the daytime. I've eaten through four of my five movies and got lost on the way to the pharmacy, which turned out to be just down the street. My friends came by to say hi since I didn't show up to go shopping. I lost my key and they gave it back to me. Other than that I am missing being active and hate being cooped up in this apartment all alone. But there's nothing I can do about it. Time for some Nutella...

Update: So I was feeling really lonely and lame, so I walked over to Amber's to see if she had any movies to watch cuz I watched almost all of mine. She didn't, but offered to let me use her computer to talk to Matt. So I got to hear his voice for half an hour! He sounds kind of sad, but is working a lot, working out, and getting monehs, so that's good. Kelsey, Jessie, Amber, and Amanda were going to walk to the Ponte Vecchio, so I decided to go with them to get some fresh air since I had been in my bed literally all day. It felt good to be around people, but I didn't have a jacket and I think the cold air made the sick worse. Yay? We listened to the same guy play his guitar, which made me even more mattsick, then rode a carousel (funsies), saw a street performer do weird things, watched a street painter paint famous pictures on the road, and got gelatto. I got coconut and it was so delicious. I never get sick of gelatto, man. Anyway, now I am going to watch another movie, take a nyquil, and hope this goes away by tomorrow. Lamesauce. Goodnight.

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