Friday, May 15, 2009

May 15th: PARMA(e)-san cheese and the Bodoni Museum

Amanda, Amber, and Rob. Stupid Rob...
Me and Amber walking around Parma. Look at the awesome hat.

Dear life,

Well...let's just say I haven't gotten ready in literally two minutes in a long time. I was supposed to wake up at 545 to be at Amber's at 645 to go to the train station. I had to get there early to pay for the trip so I could get euros (see previous posts). We had to be there at 750 (even earlier for me) and the station is like a 25 minute walk away. I woke up when my roommate left at 715. Man I was out of that bed SO QUICK! I seriously almost forgot to pee. was that bad. I threw on a hat, threw my contacts, makeup, medicine, water bottle, and a bag of cereal in my backpack, put on literally the only clean outfit I had, which didn't match, may I add...and booked it to Amber's! She was waiting for me for like 40 minutes and I felt SO bad that she had to get up early..and she's sick. What a good sport. Anyway, now she doesn't owe me gelatto as payback, and we got to the train station before ANYONE, so that was nice. My typography class went to Parma today to see the Bodoni museum. Bodoni invented the typeface named after him, and it was apparently really revolutionary considering the fonts that preceded it. Other than that and being the birthplace of parmesan cheese, Parma really isn't that awesome compared to all the awesome places we've been before. We spent a total of five hours round trip on the train to see not so great stuff. But at least I can say I've seen Parma, and now I never have to go back! I like taking the train, though, and got some good rest on it. I had fun taking pictures of my group as we walked around. We saw some cool stores, and a great cathedral. Also I realized I never take pictures of other people so I probably look like a loner to everyone reading this. Promise me, I have my loner moments, but the people on this trip are pretty cool.

After a long trip and not much sleep, I came home kind of tired. I ended up having some drama with some people that has been building up for a while. I hate bringing up touchy issues, but I'm really glad I brought it up. I ended up crying, which I hate doing, since this wasn't a really big deal. I've cried like four times since I've gotten here. I think everything just builds up and one thing makes me bawl for a long time. In public, most of the time. Yeah, I's awesome. Anyway, we will try to remedy things tomorrow and I hope things get better from now on. 

Today was a good day. I like exploring, even if we didn't do anything amazing. It makes me appreciate the REALLY cool things we do even more. Also all these not-so-great experiences have made me realize that life isn't perfect anywhere you go. Thank you Wistie and Matt for reminding me of that. I think I just expected everything to go off without a hitch, which it definitely hasn't. If I look back on the whole trip, though, I really am glad I'm here. Even with the hard times and glitches, things have worked out pretty well, and I'm having the experience of a lifetime. I'm also learning so much about myself and the world while I'm here. 

Also, I'm really glad that I got to talk to grandma Fahey, Jeannette, Matt, and Wistie tonight! I am trying a new system where I call different people everytime I get on the internet. I plan on calling Mom next! Lovin you...

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